Utah passenger rail resolution noteworthy

This letter to the editor was published in the Herald Journal on January 27, 2021.

To the editor:

There is an exciting resolution in front of the Utah Legislature this session that could bring a positive impact to Cache Valley that is long overdue — the resolution would be the first step toward re-establishing passenger rail service from Logan to the Wasatch Front and beyond.

SCR003 is a resolution that encourages Congress to create a multi-state passenger rail commission that would include Utah. The vision from the Utah Rail Passengers Association, which can be viewed at www.linkutah.org, suggests an initial phase providing a passenger rail route from Logan to Cedar City, with stops in Brigham City, Ogden, SLC, Provo, Nephi, Delta, and Milford. This service would utilize existing track and in theory would be state-sponsored Amtrak service with three round trips along the route daily.

I hope that Cache lawmakers will be supportive of this resolution and future efforts. A sustainable transportation future will require a range of travel options, and currently, the non-personal-vehicle options to get from Logan to the Wasatch Front are limited and expensive. I'd like to imagine a future where Utah State University students are able to attend school without a personal vehicle, using the train to return home when needed.

The resolution in front of the Legislature is a very small step and the first of many, but I'm hopeful that there are people with an eye on the state's future transportation needs, and the fact that eye includes the needs of Cache Valley is a wonderful thing.

Tyler Riggs