Why Transportation Matters

The Problem

Many people in Utah lack access to good transportation options. While the majority of Utah’s more than 3 million residents live along the Wasatch Front and enjoy access to FrontRunner, TRAX, and bus service, more than a fifth of Utah’s residents live beyond the Wasatch Front and lack adequate public transportation options.


How many hours Americans spend on the road annually.*


How much Americans spend a year to own and drive a car.*


Utah counties not served by the Utah Transit Authority.

*According to AAA.

The Solution

Imagine — if Utah had a better rail system — how residents might save money, time, and improve their overall quality of life. 

  • “As a business owner, I need Utah to be competitive. To recruit talent from out of state, sustainable transit options are crucial.”

  • “As a USU student, I would love to go home for a weekend to SLC and have time to get my homework done while riding the train.”

  • “I love Moab, but traffic is terrible down there. All I need for a weekend getaway is my bike and my luggage — on a train.”

  • “In our small town, we don’t have many options for medical care, but those options open up if I can get to a city by train.”

Learn About Transit in Utah

We need your help

The first step in making a transit system that fits all of our needs is to fund a study that will give us a guide for solutions.


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The Utah Rail Passengers Association works to promote the broader diversity of transportation options for residents of and visitors to Utah by educating citizens and policy makers about available transportation options.